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Courtroom Reporting Services - Dallas, TX

Comprehensive Court Reporting Services

Dickman Davenport, Inc. offers a full complement of court reporting services for the legal community and corporations worldwide. Our certified court reporters use state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest standard of service.

Reporter-Owned Business

As a reporter-owned business, we know the ins and outs of legal reporting. We employ only experienced, professional court reporters and videographers for projects. Above all, our focus is on providing high-quality services reliably with 24/7 availability. Call 214-855-5100 to find out more.

Quality Comes First

Solutions Beyond the Courtroom

Businesses invariably require legal documentation for litigation. With our unparalleled technology, we offer deposition transcripts, secure data encryption, and the ability to track legal proceedings from anywhere anytime.

Anytime Anywhere

Dickman Davenport, Inc. provides legal support services to businesses and law firms across the globe. We provide live streaming for depositions, court proceedings, and more for situations in which offsite members of the litigation team are unable to physically attend. This service is provided through a secure digital meeting room.

Real-time transcripts allow you to access a draft of depositions as they are taken — no frustrating delays waiting for a polished version to move forward in processes. Need to reference exhibits? They are all uploaded and synchronized to transcript and video.

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Legal Support Services - Dallas, TX
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