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Legal Videography - Dallas, TX

Additional Services

Dickman Davenport provides start-to-finish resources for all their reporting and related needs. We apply the latest video and computer technology to court reporting and depositions and can assist with a full range of specialized litigation-related activities.

Subpoenas and Process Servers - Dallas, TX

Subpoenas/Process Servers

Our experienced staff is available to prepare subpoenas. Once prepared, we will deliver it to the intended recipient within the designated time frame. With employees worldwide, we are uniquely able to ensure on-time delivery in any location.

Mock Trials - Dallas, TX

Mock Trials

A mock trial is a very useful tool in preparing for trial. We will assist you in setting up a simulated courtroom proceeding to test your opening and closing statements and evidence as you wish. We will provide an accurate record via your desired means through recording or video services.
Mock Trials - Dallas, TX

Document Repository

Our experts will digitize your documents and prepare them for easy keyword searching. All documents will be stored in a secure online repository dedicated to your trial. You can access them 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

Courtroom Support Services - Dallas, TX
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