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Dickman Davenport, Inc. employs only experienced, certified court reporters to provide you with the highest quality court reporting services. Our professionals include Certified Shorthand Reporters, Registered Professional Reporters, Certified Realtime Reporters, Registered Merit Reporters, Registered Diplomate Reporters, Certified Managers of Reporting Services, and State and National Speed Contest Qualifiers and Champions. We only work with reporters who are committed to personal excellence and exceptional client service.

Your Court Reporter’s Skills Can Mean the Difference Between Winning and Losing a Case

Services Through the Completion of Trial

Our services for trial reporting begin with discovery and extend through the completion of trial. Whether you require local assistance or international court reporting, our team is ready 24/7 to provide you with the reporting services you need.
Recording Transcription - Dallas, TX

Real-Time Transcription

Using real-time transcription technology, we provide rough draft transcription during depositions. You’ll be able to review, highlight, and notate sections of this draft to use while you await the final certified transcript. Save time and increase productivity by working in the moment.
Recording Transcription - Dallas, TX

Dickman Davenport Remote

Dickman Davenport Remote is a purpose-built remote deposition platform that combines secure video conferencing, interactive exhibit management, and cloud storage of deposition assets in a simple to use, professional interface, powered by vTestify. Attorneys can easily upload, share, stamp, and annotate digital exhibits, closely emulating existing deposition workflows to provide participants with a simple and intuitive experience.  Dickman Davenport Remote is built for legal and stands out as a leader in today’s modern litigation technology.

Dickman Davenport Remote is a simple-to-use virtual legal proceeding platform that combines:

  • Secure video conferencing
  • Interactive exhibit management
  • Cloud storage
  • Secure screen sharing
  • AI powered testimony review tool

The Future of Remote Depositions Starts Here

Web-Based Platform
  • Nothing to download or install, the vTestify Reporter platform is browser-based for Mac, PC, and Android devices
  • The iOS application is now available for download on iPads and iPhones 
Integrated Exhibit Management
  • Built-in exhibit management for pdf, image, and office documents
  • Uploaded exhibits are private until shared
  • Stamp, share, and annotate exhibits with just a click
  • Share Screen allows you to display other files including audio and video
Accessible Sidebar Rooms
  • Private and lockable sidebar rooms provide a secure area for off-the-record discussions
  • Sidebar rooms are only open and available when off the record
Industry Standard Security
  • Account based authentication ensures that no uninvited parties may join your proceeding
  • Video and web traffic is end-to-end encrypted
  • All exhibit and audio/video files are encrypted at rest
Advancing Remote Depositions
  • We are constantly working to perfect our platform for you; with continuous updates based on customer feedback and market demand our goal is to provide the highest quality deposition experience
Live Support
  • We operate 24/7 and are always prepared to help with session setup and onboarding assistance
  • Should you have any issues or questions before, during, or after your deposition do not hesitate to reach out

Whether you are taking a single deposition with a handful of attendees or setting up an arbitration with hundreds of participants over a series of weeks, we will customize the solution that suits your needs.

Recordkeeping - Dallas, TX

Records Production & Written Questions

We produce, organize, and track accurate records of meetings, depositions, conferences, audio and video recordings, and any other relevant records pertaining to your case.

Recordkeeping - Dallas, TX

Interactive Depositions

For long-distance depositions, we provide interactive, real-time depositions. You can view the deposition as it happens and ask questions via our technology so you don’t miss an opportunity.
Deposition Recording Services - Dallas, TX
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